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How to buy using PayPal or Credit Cards?

PayPal invoicing made easy

How to buy using PayPal or Credit Cards?

After placing an order through our shop we will send you an invoice with the exact amount matching your order with Vader Vapes.

The invoice might show different products invoiced: hats, books, IT Consulting, Web development, Freelancing, etc… 

Invoice will contain the matching colors of pens and order number from the website  you bought on the website.


You ordered:
2 Blue – Blueberry cookies vape pens
1 Red – Zkittlez 
vape pens
Order number #1234

The invoice will show:
Invoice for customer #1234
2 Blue Books 
1 Red Book 


Invoice for customer #1234
2 hour  Blue Website development package
1 hour Red Website Development package

This will provide more secrecy and discession to our users as noone will ever know you are buying THC Vapes 😉

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