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About us

Quality and Pleasure. Very discreet

Who are we?

Vader started out as a private project, not intended for the general public.

The story behind Vader and it’s creator:

I am a passionate cannabis lover and consume daily. I’ve been in the cannabis industry all my life and have a basic education as a chemist. A thorn in my side has always been the type of consumption… Lighting and inhaling smoke. The endless number of health disadvantages of smoking such as cancer etc. The list is too long. In addition, there is the expansive smell of the flowers in your bag, at home or wherever you are storing the flowers. No matter how well you try to hide the bag, the smell always gets through somewhere. As a result, the dear law likes to look in your pockets or apartment or other stupid questions are asked.

So I set to work and put together everything it would take to make my own vape. I procured everything myself, from the basic materials to the machines and laboratory equipment. I controlled every step of the manufacturing process and only used the best quality for everything. From the raw material to the vape pens. It took me a lot of time and money, but it was worth every penny.
The end product is impressive and is my pride.

I’ve taken the best of the best and turned it into a top-of-the-line product.

I tweaked the formula for months until the blend, the taste, the terpenes, the design…everything was PERFECT.

After holding the first Vader vape pen in my hand, I knew I couldn’t keep this product to myself. It was too good.

Vader was born

Vader Vape Thc Shot Business Woman Vaping

5 reasons why vaping is better than smoking

By vaping with Vader you will get rid of many disadvantages of regular smoking. Next to the most important aspect, health, comes the second most important thing… the smell

No more smelly fingers or clothes. Pure enjoyment without the stench. By vaping with Vader, you are rid of all the nasty effects of combustion and no one can tell if you were vaping THC a minute ago or not. As opposed to a lit joint where your whole body as well as your surroundings absorb the taste.

With the Vader Vape, you can puff with confidence wherever smoking is allowed and no one will be able to tell your Vader Vape from an ordinary vape.

(Please be aware of your country’s laws on cannabis use)

1. Vaping is better for your lungs

When lit, a cigarette or a joint develops over 4800 toxins, over 700 of which are carcinogenic. Among the toxins are carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen cyanide and many others. Hydrocyanic acid is added to tobacco to numb your throat with every puff. Why?

So you don’t cough your soul out with every puff. Ultimately, it’s nothing more than lighting and inhaling foliage.

The Vader Vape has exactly 2 ingredients. THC distillate and terpenes. According to current scientific knowledge, none of them are carcinogenic.

`Vaping is definitely the healthier option`

“I think vaping is a less harmful alternative to smoking,” said Dr. Gottlieb in an interview with CNBC. “There is no question that when a currently addicted adult smoker switches to a vaping product, their health will improve. That is out of the question.”

The only 100% sure way to reverse lung damage from smoking is to quit smoking altogether. If you can’t quit smoking, switching to a quality vape product is the next best choice.

2. Vaping is more effective and less wasteful

Burning cannabis burns off some of the usable cannabinoids before the effects kick in. It is estimated that only about 10% of the cannabinoids remain when a marijuana cigarette is lit. In other words, smoking is an inherently inefficient way of consuming cannabis.

In contrast, significantly more cannabinoids are preserved when vaping. In the long run, this can result in using less product and saving more money.

3. Indoor benefits

Since you can technically only legally use cannabis in your own home, it’s common to smoke it indoors. However, your curtains, furniture, and fabrics will all absorb the smell of a marijuana cigarette.

These lingering toxins give off a strong, stale odor that is very difficult to get rid of. The vapor from the Vader Vape simply evaporates. No ugly deposits.

4. Vaping is better for your skin

Even when a quality filter is used, burning cannabis/tobacco produces sticky tar that wreaks havoc on the body’s respiratory system. But did you know that ingesting these toxins also damages skin cells and promotes the aging process?

Tar from burning is loaded with free radicals, which have a negative effect on the skin and increase visible wrinkles, blemishes and other lines. Since there is no smoke when vaping, your skin (both externally and in the inner lining of the respiratory tract) is exposed to fewer harmful effects.

5. Vaping is so much better in every way.

The number and variety of harms caused by smoking are almost infinite.
Smoking is known to lead to respiratory diseases such as lung cancer and COPD, but it also damages the cardiovascular system by promoting the hardening of the arteries (arteriosclerosis). This then leads to hardened, inflexible vessels and high blood pressure with the risk of dying from a stroke or heart attack.

Your condition also suffers greatly from smoking. As an athlete, it is noticeable within about 2 weeks when you switch to a vape product. Your sense of taste normalizes as smoking affects that too.

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