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How to use Vader Vapes?

How to use Vader THC Vape Pens? Common issues and fixes

Clogged vapes are a common problem, especially in winter. There are ways to avoid this altogether (for example, by keeping the pen upright when not in use), but it’s not always easy.

Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to clear a clog.

The ingredients of the device are thick and sticky when cooled, but with a little heat they become liquid again. This means that you can easily clean the device by blowing into it or heating it briefly a few times to melt the contents that are clogging the air ducts.

Here are a few useful steps to unclog your pen:

1. Clean your pen. Take a long, thin object, such as a paper clip or toothpick, and gently insert it into the mouthpiece. Gently move the object back and forth to scrape the inside of the mouthpiece. This will help remove excess oil. Use this technique carefully if you need an immediate solution to the clog.

2. Warm up your Pen. Try blow drying your pen with a hair dryer for a few seconds while holding it vertically to allow the oil to flow out of your airways. If you don’t have a hair dryer, try putting your vape pen in an airtight plastic bag and then submerging it in warm water. Be careful not to let any water enter the bag and get on the vape pen.

3. Try gentle puffs. If your vape is clogged, try gently pulling air. You may hear or feel the clog move through your airway, clearing it. avoid pulling hard, as you may suck more oil into the airway. It also helps to blow directly into the bottom of the usb-c port, that can help clear the clog at best.

Tips to avoid clogging:

•After use, store your pen vertically until the oil is thick again.

•Keep the battery charged.

•Avoid keeping your vape in your pockets.

•Avoid exposure to direct sunlight (especially for extended periods of time) .

•Avoid keeping your vape in your car to avoid temperature fluctuations.

•Keep your vape in a warm area, cold helps to thicken and crystallize the vape liquid.

•Use your vape often! Cloggs can often come as a result of inactivity, so even just taking a quick hit a few times a week will help keep the good times flowing (literally).

Thank you for your support and continue to have fun with our products!
Your Captain Vader!

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